Contact centre solutions with a global reach and a local touch

Whether your contact centres are based in Australia or around the world, it’s important to provide a consistent experience for customers when they call. Our multi-site contact centre solutions help you manage inbound calls with ease and offer multi-channel support through voice, email, web chat, SMS, social media and more.

You can control every aspect of your contact centre solution, from the routing algorithms that direct calls and messages, to the number of agents and locations in your network. Each solution is completely flexible and scalable, to help you control costs, improve customer service and manage your IT with a minimum of fuss.

Our hosted PBX solutions allow you to host your contact centre in the cloud, which not only reduces the costs of purchasing and maintaining an ageing infrastructure, but eliminates the need for a dedicated IT support team on-site. This means you’ll get all the latest features, upgrades and security updates, without the burden of ongoing maintenance. It’s all part of our commitment to helping you communicate better, so your business thrives.

Improve Customer Experience

In a contact centre environment, you have one chance to make a lasting impression. Our solutions help you deliver exceptional customer service, so you can attract and retain customers in the most efficient way possible.

Our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) management system keeps callers informed about estimated wait times and queue position, while Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) routes voice and multimedia messages and allows customers to contact you in the media of their choice.

Intuitive desktop productivity tools help agents quickly identify customers, access product experts using message and conferencing tools and provide answers to all the customer’s questions in a single transaction. Supervisors can track and report on performance, to optimise business processes and improve the customer experience.

Streamline Business Operations

It’s essential that your contact centre tools integrate seamlessly with your business processes, to drive efficiency and deliver an exceptional customer experience. Our forecasting and workforce management tools help supervisors allocate the right number of agents to handle the forecasted call volume, so you can maximise resources and control costs.

Ensure Business Continuity

Planning for adverse events or emergencies requires careful planning and a strategic approach. You need a sound communications infrastructure and tools to support emergency preparedness and disaster recovery, so your customers know they can reach you when the unexpected occurs. We offer the tools you need to protect your communications and ensure that it’s business as usual, no matter what.

Manage Compliance and Litigation

Managing compliance and the risk of litigation can be time-consuming and costly, leading to reduced productivity and profitability. Our contact centre solutions reduce this burden by automatically recording and documenting every call, with robust records that are easy to store and find.

Drive Quality Improvement

Our quality management application helps you turn every call into an asset. Calls can be recorded for coaching and training, or to improve interaction between staff and customers. You can track and optimise phone-based marketing campaigns, or recognise the achievements of staff. However you use it, you’ll enjoy unmatched monitoring, search, documentation and reporting capabilities.

Every contact centre solution we design is completely unique, with powerful tools to help you do more with less. To find out more, get in touch with our team and discover the true potential of your contact centre.