Delivering a seamless customer experience online and in-store

In today’s competitive environment, retailers need powerful communication solutions that deliver an exceptional experience for customers online and in-store. Just as every retailer is unique, so are the communication challenges they face.

Our retail solutions are designed to help you improve customer service, maximise efficiency and reduce costs. We work closely with you to design a solution that aligns to your workflow and addresses your individual needs, whether it’s improving customer loyalty, supporting self-serve kiosks, driving ecommerce, enhancing internal communications or improving in-store operations.

We have a flexible approach to implementation and build our solutions around your existing infrastructure, so you can scale the solution at your own pace and dramatically reduce communication costs. Seamless integration with your customer relationship management (CRM) system means you’ll have a clear view of every interaction with your customers, with robust records that are easy to store and find.

Reduce Communication Costs

Cost control is an underlying factor in every solution we offer retailers, particularly those with a large number of stores around the country. Deploying individual phone systems to each of your retail sites can prove costly and difficult to manage, particularly as your business evolves over time.

Our retail solution centralises your communications, reducing the system management and support costs for your business. It’s completely flexible, so you can deploy handsets as required and expand your network as your business grows. You can change the number of agents available in your contact centre at the click of a mouse, or support customers outside of business hours by allowing agents in other timezones to log in without paying penalty rates.

Unlike a traditional PBX system, our cloud-based retail solutions are fast to deploy and easy to manage. You won’t need to purchase or maintain expensive infrastructure, or worry about upgrades or security. It’s all taken care of thanks to our partnerships with the world’s leading telecommunications providers.

Improve Responsiveness

As a retailer, you know how important it is not to miss a call. Quick response times not only help you close the sale, but provide a positive experience that will keep the customer returning long after they’ve ended the call.

Our contact centre tools reduce wait times by allowing a customer call to be channelled to a number of people in the same department, or directing the call to the right person. Simple call routing means that questions about opening times, store locations or job applications can be routed to auto-attendants, allowing store associates to focus on serving customers.

Agents can also engage with customers using their preferred communication method, with a single interface that allows them to seamlessly pivot between voice, web chat, email, SMS, Facebook, Twitter and other channels.

Stay Mobile

Using wireless technology, staff can be contacted anywhere in the store or warehouse, to quickly answer questions about pricing or stock availability. Mobile applications on tablet devices also allow sales associates to direct shoppers around the store using mobile store maps, removing the need for excessive fixed signage and store directories.

Audio, web and video conferencing help staff connect and communicate with your entire retail network, so they stay productive while on the move. Intelligent notification and incident management tools allow product recalls, produce issues, policy changes to be automated and streamlined. You can also search your corporate directory, check visual voicemail and automatically update your presence status and call routing preferences based on your location or time of day.

Enhance Productivity

Enjoy a single, user-friendly, web-based interface for all your business communication and collaboration needs. Our solutions offer real-time access to anyone in the organisation, no matter where they’re located. You can connect your office, store, contact centre and warehouse at the touch of a button, with fast and flexible communication via voice, text, email, fax, audio and video.

Contact centre staff can handle customer enquiries quickly and efficiently, while store associates can stay informed with access to messages through email, web interface or using speech commands. Video conferencing helps you save on travel time and costs, while management teams can share and distribute information whether they’re in the office or on the road.

Improve Customer Experience

Improving the speed and accuracy of your communications will encourage customer loyalty and boost sales. Whether you have one store or a national network, your contact centre is often the primary form of customer service for retailers.

Building strong relationships with your customers is more than just reducing call-handling times and abandon rates. You need to consider how your customers want to communicate, streamline business processes and integrate contact centre operations with your existing infrastructure across all channels. With a centralised contact centre, customer enquiries can be directed to product or department specialists, who can address their needs quickly and efficiently. The result? Greater customer acquisition and retention that will lead to increased revenue for your business.

If you’re looking for flexible and cost-effective technology that improves communications across your retail network, get in touch with our team and find out how we can design a solution that drives business growth.