An efficient and cost-effective way to care for the community

In healthcare, fast and efficient communication is not only convenient—it can save lives. Our next-generation solutions suit an array of healthcare organisations, from hospitals and outpatient clinics to residential aged care facilities and community health centres.

We offer a flexible, scalable and cost-effective business communication platform that connects your organisation with fixed, wireless and mobile technology. Our solutions can be adopted as a modular, on-site solution or a single, cloud-based software stream that supports a range of deployment models.

We partner with Macquarie Telecom to host your data in the revolutionary Intellicentre 2—the first data centre in Australia to achieve Tier III Design Certification. It eliminates the need for shutdowns during equipment replacement or maintenance and features powerful geo-redundancy functionality that allows your organisation to stay operational through any hardware failure, power outage or natural disaster. This gives you peace of mind that your data is completely protected and able to perform critical functions with ease.

Whether you’re making real-time decisions in an emergency department, managing a general practice or caring for residents in an aged care facility, our healthcare solutions can help you improve patient care, streamline operations, reduce communication costs and drive productivity in your organisation.

Enhance Patient Care

Delivering patient-centred care starts with timely communication and collaboration between administrative staff, medical staff, patients and carers. Our tools allow clinicians to collaborate with experts around the world, with high-quality video and web conferencing that saves time and supports evidence-based decision-making.

Removing barriers to communication can also improve the flow of patients through your facility. Our tools automate reminders, route inbound callers and announce when patients arrive at your facility, to reduce wait times and missed appointments. With a single communications hub, medical staff can spend more time with patients and less time entering patient data, searching for equipment and tracking down colleagues.

Improve Patient Safety

Real-time communication is critical for managing the safety and security of patients and staff, whether they are at home or in a facility. Our hosted PBX Nurse Call solution allows patients to signal their distress at the touch of a button, with wandering control tools that helps staff locate them wherever they may be. Text message alerts, direct voice communications, wireless fall detection and visual surveillance tools also help staff handle emergencies when they arise.

Control Costs

Our solutions can help you improve patient care and productivity, without the need for a costly infrastructure upgrade. Whether you choose an on-site or cloud solution, we’ll design a deployment model that integrates with your existing technology and lets you scale at your own pace.

Collaboration and conferencing tools reduce travel costs and time spent on administrative tasks, while contact centre solutions deliver interactive voice response capabilities to help you manage inbound calls. Automated systems also help trim costs, by reducing administrative tasks and maximising staff resources.

Stay Mobile

Our mobility solutions allow staff to move around your facility and care for patients, while staying connected through voice, messaging, collaboration and conferencing tools. With mobile devices, staff can contact anyone in the network regardless of their location and receive text message alerts in an emergency. A centralised platform also reduces the risk of duplicated patient data, with automated reminders and faster access to patient records.

Video solutions are ideal for training staff, providing nursing support for patients in remote locations and allowing aged care residents to communicate easily with their family. They also enable clinicians to educate patients at the bedside or in the office, with fast access to medical imaging and test results.

If you’re looking to improve your business communications and deliver better quality care to patients, get in touch with our team to find out how we can design a solution that helps you control costs and maximise productivity.