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Business communications is at the very forefront of global markets and for very good reason. Things are moving at a lightning pace these days – a rate of exchange that would have been literally incomprehensible a mere half dozen decades ago. In this world, what could be more important that being in the business of providing the most efficient and streamlined communications possible? Take a step back and imagine the potential and wide-spread margin impact of your business’ communications being down for just one day. Just 24 hours.

Not a pretty picture is it?

As we touched upon in a previous article – “Why Traditional Communications Giants are Losing Steam – Fast” – the transition from traditional communications (hardware, large call centers, etc) to new practices (cloud, UC, etc) has been harder on some than others. As things stand now, the debate surrounding the modern methods is largely laid to rest, for good reasons, a few of which we will touch on in this piece.

UC and Cloud services have gained so much ground – and continue to do so! – for three major reasons, all of which have a massive impact on not only the day to day operations of a company, but in long-term planning and future strategies for success.

  • 1) Employee Productivity
    a) Traditionally based phone services come with some pretty severe limitations and a considerable cost. One of the most severe issues is that they have a single point of failure. Consider a string of christmas lights – they set the holiday spirit with a warm glow of reds, greens, and blues. And then one burns out, and takes the whole dang tree with it. Have you ever tried to find the one burned-out bulb in a string of lights? Embody that frustration and bring it into your business’ communications systems. One point of failure and your entire system collapses. This equals massive downtime and tons of missed calls.
    b) The above downtime issue transfers, but is not the whole of, our next problem: customer service limitations. When your business is reliant on external services, you essentially have to take the systems that are handed to you, despite poor design, ineffectual classing, or pointless wait times. Everything is out of your hands. With UC systems, you can design the call flows that are ideally suited to your particular needs. This lifts the burden from employees of having to deal with inelegant and blatantly wasteful call trees, not to mention the backlash of irritated callers who feel their time is being wasted – and rightly.
  • 2) Mobility
    a) This is a highly dynamic factor that translates into positive effects not only for employee-level workers, but for management as well. With UCaaS services, agents and managers alike can utilize BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and integrate them seamlessly into the network – in most cases. This means not having to be tied to your desk to perform a given task with a customer, which slides into a wide array of multitasking potential. Additionally, this compatibility eliminates the need for so much superfluous office supplies. A business no longer has to purchase an entire suite of particular phones and lay new lines every time an office expands or even changes location.
  • 3) Lower call costs
    a) This one no marketer can overlook. At simple point of fact, eliminating long-distance and long-queue calling over standard telephony networks comes at a dramatic cost reduction. With UC, calls are carried over a digital network, wiping out those previous issues and allowing businesses to both lower costs and reallocate their budget in accordance to their new savings! Generally, this is great news for other ends of the business, because it opens a floodgate of funding.

We could go on – there are so many strong points to UC and the new way businesses communicate, but for this piece we wanted to focus on the contrast of past vs present and how those businesses who have not yet made the transition can benefit by doing so.

We’ll be continuing on with more dynamic and forward-looking tangents soon!

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